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About the Ryukoku Museum | Concept

About the Ryukoku Museum | Concept

The Ryukoku Museum is a comprehensive Buddhist museum

The Ryukoku Museum exhibits a wide variety of cultural artifacts centered around Buddhism, taking into consideration the birth of Buddhism in India, the spread of Buddhism into Asia and the development of Buddhism in Japan. Through these exhibits, the museum aims deepen the public's understanding of Buddhist culture as well as advancing academic research and communicating their achievements to society.

Permanent exhibits the trace the birth and spread of Buddhism

After being founded in India, Buddhism found its way to Japan through China and the Korean peninsula via both northern and southern routes. The museum introduces the roots of Buddhism in the life of Guatama Buddha, the conditions surrounding the spread of Buddhism in various areas, and the spread and history of Buddhism in Japan in an easy to understand manner. The museum aims to deepen the visitor's understanding of Buddhist philosophies and related history and culture through the fundamentals of Ryukoku University research achievements and exhibits of actual artifacts, and through various other methods.

Special and planned exhibits with alluring themes

The achievements of investigative research in various fields are disclosed through Special and Planned Exhibits held throughout the year with select themes.

Proactive collection, storage and use of academic materials

Ryukoku University has continued to collect important academic material. At the Ryukoku Museum has not only continued to acquire an extensive collection of material, but by cooperating with university facilities such as the library and the Digital Archives Research Center, the museum serves an important role in the university's consideration of the storage and use of academic material.

Developing global investigations and research

By cooperating with not only museums and universities in Japan, but also with those around the world, the museum hopes to advance the unique research that can only be found at Ryukoku University. The achievements will be widely disclosed and will lead to the further enhancement of museum activities.

A museum open to the public

Utilizing its location of being across from Nishi Honganji, a World Cultural Heritage, as a museum open to the public, the museum will contribute to the vitalization of the local community. The museum will provide a east-west path that will connect Horikawa-dori and Abura-no-kouji making access to the Dendoin, a historical architectural building, located on the Abura-no-kouji side easier. In addition, a section of the 1st floor will be open space that will be open to everyone. The museum also houses a museum shop, a cafe, and a courtyard filled with natural light.

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