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Ryukoku Museum Opening Commemoration and the Exhibit to Commemorate the 750th Anniversary of the Death of Shinran Shonin. Shakyamuni and Shinran

Special and Planned Exhibits
  • As a comprehensive Buddhist museum, the Ryukoku Museum aims to introduce Buddhism with a wide perspective from the roots of Buddhism in India, to the development of Buddhism in Japan. Among all of these, the most important themes are related to Gautama Buddha (Shakyamuni), who gave birth to Buddhism and priest Shinran, the originator of Shin Buddhism.
  • "Shakyamuni and Shinran" is an exhibit that commemorates the opening of the Ryukoku Museum as well as the 750th anniversary of the death of priest Shinran. This exhibit will trace the roots of Buddhism and provide an opportunity to experience and come into contact with the footsteps of Gautama Buddha and priest Shinran. The exhibit will introduce Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhsim, and priest Shinran, the originator of Shin Buddhism from the 3 perspectives of "Butsu" (life and footprints), "Hou" (teachings), and "Sou" (religious community and later developments).

Exhibit Structure and Planned Main Exhibits

Gautama Buddha

Chapter 1 The life and footprints of Gautama Buddha
Chapter 2 The teachings and legacy of Gautama Buddha
Chapter 3 Mahayana Buddhism and Gandhara / Xiyu
Chapter 4 Establishment and development of Shin Buddhism

- Stucco Buddha head 1st - 6th sessions
- Buddha head Osaka City Museum 1st - 2nd sessions
- Buddhist relief "Birth" 1st - 3rd sessions
- Buddhist relief "Brahma (and Indra) Entreating Buddha to Preach, and Engagement" Hakurinji (Fukuoka) 1st - 3rd sessions
- Sanskrit Manuscripts of the Dīrgha Āgama Hirayama Ikuo Silk Road Museum 1st - 6th sessions
- The Tathāgataṛddhyabhisaṃskāra-parivarta of the Saddharmapuṇḍarīka -sūtra (妙法蓮華経) in Chinese Ryukoku University 1st session
- Dipamkara Jataka 1st - 3rd sessions
- Jataka Mural 4th - 6th sessions
- Gandhari Inscription Ryukoku University 1st - 6th sessions
- Seated Maitreya and Donor Monks 1st - 3rd sessions
- Sculpture of Parinirvana Buddha (Important cultural property) Shogenji (Hiroshima) 4th - 6th sessions


Introduction Image of Shinran
Chapter 1 The introduction of Buddhism and the spread of Shin Buddhism
Chapter 2 The life and teachings of Shinran
Chapter 3 The development of the religious community and Shin Buddhist art
Chapter 4 The transmission on of the teachings of Shinran

- Seated image of priest Shinran (Important cultural property) Zenpukuji (Kanagawa) 4th session
- Portrait of priest Shinran (Toyama prefecture designated cultural property) Zenpukuji (Toyama) 2nd session
- Juji Myogo Sainyuji (Niigata) 3rd session
- Komyo Honzon Fukuoji (Shiga) 1st session
- Sculpture of sitting Gautama Buddha (Gojo city designated cultural property) Kouenji (Nara) 4th - 6th sessions
- Remains of the clay sculpture depicting the eight phases of existence of Gautama Buddha (Important cultural property) Yakushiji (Nara) 4th - 6th sessions
- Amitabha Sutra on colored paper(Important cultural property) Manshoji (Aichi) 5th session
- Sculpture of standing Amitabha trinity (Zenkoji style) (Ibaraki prefecture designated cultural property) Enpukuji (Ibaraki) 1st - 3rd sessions
- Descent of Amitabha trinity (Important cultural property) Zenshoji (Wakayama) 4th session
- Illustrated biography of Prince Shotoku (Important cultural property) Kakurinji (Hyogo) 4th session
- Nenbutsushiki (Important cultural property) Ryukoku University 4th session


April 15, 2011 - March 25, 2012

1st Session April 5 - May 22
2nd Session June 7 - July 24
3rd Session August 27 - October 2
4th Session October 8 - November 27
5th Session December 10 - January 22
6th Session February 4 - March 25

*Click here for details on museum hours and schedules

Museum Hours

10am - 5pm
*Last admission is 4:30 pm

Admission Fees

- General ... 500 (400) yen
- Seniors ... 400 (300) yen
- University students ... 400 (300) yen
- High school students ... 300 (200) yen
*Seniors: 65 years old and above
*Fees in parentheses () are rates for groups over 20 people
- Junior high school students and below free
- Persons with physical disability certificates, learning disability certificates, wounded or sick retired soldier certificates and 1 accompanying individual are free

Stucco Buddha head

Stucco Buddha head 1st - 6th Sessions

Standing Buddha

Standing Buddha 1st - 6th sessions

Amitabha Tathagata standing statue Ibaraki Gannyuji

Amitabha Tathagata standing statue Ibaraki Gannyuji
1st session

Namu Amida Taishi Sculpture Aichi Unkanji

Standing Image of Prince Shotoku Aichi Unkanji 1st session

Illustration Hiroshima Hokoji

Illustrated line of succession in Buddhist Priests Hiroshima Hokoji 4th session

Six-character Name with Images of Sakyamuni and Amida Osaka Manpukuji

Six-character Name with Images of Sakyamuni and Amida Osaka Manpukuji 2nd session

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